Traditional German beer with a touch of freedom.

Diseño de packaging

Brand identity

Label design


Marigold is a German beer brand with hemp protein that is positioned halfway between industrial beers and craft beers, and aimed at a daring consumer with a curiosity for the underground.

Identidad corporativa para cervezas artesanales
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas
Diseño de latas para cervezas

Marigold is a company dedicated to the commercialization of a beer made according to the German Purity Law of 1516, with an added hemp protein. They needed to position themselves in the oversaturated beer market, halfway between industrial beer and craft beer. In turn, they wanted to escape the stereotype of the recreational cannabis user and everything that surrounds it.


In this first phase of the work, we bet on creating a solid brand and defining the MVP (minimum viable product) that represents the values of the brand, in this case the corporate identity, the label and the packaging for the product. The main objectives of the strategy were to escape the stereotype associated with the image of cannabis, to target a more select target with a high cultural and musical background; and, finally, to give an image of sobriety and tradition that German beer represents.


To achieve this positioning, we rely on the concepts of FREEDOM, TRADITION and SOBRIETY. We are looking for a simple and classic style, with a differential touch with the Cannabis Sativa leaf presiding over the label. It would not stand out from other beers, but once identified, it would create a permanent bond with the consumer.


Marigold went from being a crazy idea, to a first production for local distribution and from there to a product with international projection, currently having negotiations for its distribution in North America, Central America, Europe and China. At the beginning of 2021 it will be present in all the large commercial areas of Spain.


Nano Piña – Marketing & Communication

Txema Álvarez – Photography

Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas

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