I help craftsmen and family business to create meaningful brands.

Looking for the differentiation points and squeezing them to the maximum to transmit the values ​​of the company or product consistently.

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efid offers fiduciary services in digital format, as well as professional and personalized support focused on the permanent search for effective solutions for entrepreneurs, in order to facilitate their management and decision-making.

Creative Process


No one knows your business as you do.

I need to know your company as much as you know it. I will guide you through a series of questions and exercises so that together we can discover the most relevant aspects of your company.


Business are as people, unique.

Every business has something that makes it unique, its reason for existing beyond making money. This aspect is what we will promote together to differentiate you from the competition and add extra value to the market.


Shaping the brand and explore their values.

Once you know who you are and why you do what you do, we will shape all these concepts so that your brand is aligned with your values in all its points of contact with the end user.


Are you starting a new adventure?

Brand strategy should be worked on in the first steps of creating a company or start-up.

Based on your business model, we will define together both the value proposition and the minimum viable product.


Do you want to boost your current business?

Brand strategy is a tool to check the health of the corporate identity of a business.

We will analyze your brand attributes and target audience, to see if the two align correctly.