"For a quart of ale is a dish for a king." - William Shakespeare

Cerveza artesana en York, Inglaterra.

Brand Identity

Label design


The Hare’s Ear (apart from a type of fishing fly) is a premium craft brewery, located in York (England), made with local ingredients and focused on the most select consumers. The Macallan of craft beers.

Branding para cervezas artesanales
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas Stout
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas IPA
Diseño de etiqueta para cervezas Blonde Ale

The Hare’s Ear is a microbrewery located in York, England. They only use the finest Maris Otter malt, the finest hops, Yorkshire water, ale yeast, and plenty of time to make their premium ales. Unlike large commercial breweries that can produce a beer in less than two weeks, their beers ferment longer and continue to ferment and improve over time, giving them a rounder and more complex flavor.


The craft brewery movement is booming. We had to find a niche in the market for The Hare’s Ear and we found it making a metaphor for the world of spirits. The Hare’s Ear would be to craft beer what Macallan is to whiskey, an exclusive product, carefully crafted. At the same time, The Hare’s Ear is a type of fishing fly, with its characteristic shapes and unique image, which fitted us perfectly into the product strategy.


We achieve this added value by basing ourselves on the image of artisanal English pub signs (tradition), but updating the color palette and composition (modernity). From here, we build the corporate identity of the brewery and the labeling of the first production line.

In the case of bottle labels, we used the resource of fishing flies, using one that transmitted the same values as each type of beer. Like a good whiskey, The Hare’s Ear bottles come packaged in luxury packaging, a cardboard tube with gold details, accompanied by a White Rose of York, a symbol associated with the area since the Middle Ages. All round!

Analisis de la competencia
Analisis de la competencia
PAck de cervezas
PAck de cervezas
Aplicaciones graficas para cervezas artesanas
Aplicaciones graficas para cervezas artesanas

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