Report on the state of the Balearic Sea.

Informe Mar Balear

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This report collects information from more than 100 environmental indicators on the state of the Balearic Sea. It is a work carried out by more than 120 scientists and privately coordinated through the Marilles Foundation.

Informe Mar Balear
Informe Mar Balear
Informe Mar Balear
Informe Mar Balear

In recent years, researchers attached to the Balearic Sea Report program have been collecting data on the Balearic Sea and giving them the form of indicators to measure different variables, from physical-chemical variables of the sea to the fauna and flora present, passing through the human pressure exerted both by the construction of houses on the coast and by tourism.


In this project, the fundamental point to highlight was the optimization of processes. Both for the reception and organization of the material, as well as for the subsequent revision by the translators of the content.

In the end we got a printed book of around 400 pages for each language. It was carried out in a first phase in Spanish and Catalan, and, later, a summarized version in English that exceeded 100 pages.


With this document, a huge amount of data was placed in the hands of all researchers to continue working with them. This is a purely working document, but also intended for the dissemination and awareness of the fragile state of the Balearic Sea.

It was presented at a press conference at the Parlament de les Illes Balears, with the presence and intervention of the President of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol, as well as with the heads of the report within the Marilles Foundation.

Informe Mar Balear

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